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Professional film and TV fan, freelance film and TV writer. Follow me on Twitter @RJJohnson1125

“The Variant” continues to build on the fun dynamic between it’s main characters while ending on a big cliffhanger that promises to shake up the MCU.

Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios

A promising and surprisingly emotional start to the Loki’s journey on the smalls screen

Photo courtesy of Disney and Marvel Studios

A film will some killer fatalities in all the worst ways possible.

Photo Courtesy of Warner Media

An original take on the zombie genre that doesn’t amount to anything else

Some fans were vocal critics of WandaVision’s finale. They have no one to blame but themselves for their disappointment.

Credit: Marvel Studio

The Sandlot is more than just a baseball movie. It’s about facing fears, growth, and friendship.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

A not so wonderful outing for the Amazonian Warrior

Herman Mankiewicz wrote one of the greatest films of all. Unfortunately, the movie about his life doesn’t match up.

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